Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anna and Mickey came up last night and spent the night.

I called and got Logan an appointment at 11:30 to get his leg set.

Gloria Harker brought Mom up they got here around 11. Got lunched started for Anna, Mickey, Tucker, and Miles, and Mom, Me, and Logan went to his appointment. We were about 5 minutes late, but we were ok. I already had his paperwork filled out, so that helped alot.

The nurse asked Logan what color of a cast he wanted and he said "yellow". So he got a yellow cast. It is right at the top of his leg, the doctor actually said it was his knee. He will be in it 6-8 weeks.

While we were gone, Anna read to Tucker and Miles:

The Berenstain Bears' Class Trip by Jan and Mike Berenstain
Thomas, The Monster Under the Shed

When we got back from the doctor, we ate lunch, and visited with Anna and Mickey. After Anna and Mickey left we put the boys down for a nap.

I ended up laying down too.

After naps, we ran and errand, and then Mom read to the boys while we were waiting on Greg to get home:
A Home for Dakota by Jan Zita Grover and Nancy Lane
Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Tracy's Snuggly Blanket
Friends and Pals and Brothers, Too, by Sarah Wilson
Oh, How I Wished I Could Read! by John Gile
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Minnie's Valentine
Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Jay Jay Earns His Wings
Big Mike's Police Car by Leslie McGuire
Arthur's Science Fair Trouble by Marc Brown
Big Frank's Fire Truck By Leslie McGuire
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Look Before You Leap!
1 2 Buckle My Shoe by Anna Grossnickle Hines
Buster On the Farm by Marc Brown
Going Swimming by Sarah Garland
Thomas and Percy and the Dragon
Clifford the Big White Ghost

We danced around to VBS Music. Had a pretty good day!

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